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Imagine an experience where extraordinary becomes standard and the power which drives us to be contained.
We are passionate, we have the ability to learn new things quickly, with boundless enthusiasm and most of all we are driven by the desire to make a difference that we are proud of.

Passion and Perfection

Perfection with Passion to discover Execellence.
NETAXIS IT Solution (P) Ltd is a leading company in the new world of Information Technology since the year 2000 and Incorporated as a Private Limited in 2005. We provide services to our clients in different countries like UK, USA, Spain, and Netherlands. We have multiple projects on hand with a highly qualified team handling each project, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of work. NETAXIS is a great success story in any dimensions and committed to long-term nourshing relationships with people around the world.

Our Services

We have successfully delivered thousands of projects covering a wide range of industry sectors from simple sites to full e-commerce solutions and powerful bespoke, business critical web applications. Our procedures are designed to provide a structured process which is simple, supportive, informative and flexible.

More Services


Docker is the dominant leading software in containerization platform. We maintain container management with docker data center. We create, deploy and run application by using Docker containers.

Encrypt Nginx

Encrypt Nginx is the top level emerging technology. Nginx serves as a key to build the highly secured platform. We enable the encrypted HTTPS combined with the powerfull Nginx webservers and hardening tips.

MySQL Cluster

MySQL Cluster technology is implemented through the Network DataBase and NDB CLUSTER storage engines. Our MySQL Cluster is designed to provide a MySQL compatible database with high availability and low latency.

Server Deployment

We deploy multiple servers for redundancy and scalability. We make configurations to setup our own servers in a highly secured platform. We maintain multiple business applications running on multiple application servers.

Application Development

We excel in the application development to meet specific business requirements. We do complete analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. We develop our own Android and IOS apps.


We analyze big data's using the scripting language - Scala. We take our products to the next level with this upcoming technology. We develop our own scala scripting for Customer Solution, Application Development, Testing Solution and Shopping Cart.

Laravel Framework

Laravel Framework is an out of box user model. We apply set of rules to complete task one by one for efficient usage. We also use Laravel Framework for highly secured MVC pattern. Application development is done using the Laravel Framework.


We use GitHub for Flexible and Collaborative development process to work on our own and with others. We build the softwares on a secured platform and build personal projects and support business to work together on latest technologies.

Between the Numbers

Idea to an unforgetable Digital Experience.

Projects Completed
Targeted Clients
Servers Deployed
Apps Launched
Linux Paper Published
Exhibition Hosted


  • Nginx Web Server  -
  • Load Balancer  -
  • Contact Cache  -
  • Security Control  -
  • Encrypt Nginx  -
  • Monitoring & Management


  • Customer Solution  -
  • Application Development  -
  • Testing Solution  -
  • Consulting Services  -
  • Product Development  -
  • Big Data Optimization  

Developement Technologies

  • Nginx   -
  • Laravel Framework  -
  • Load Balancer  -
  • MySQL Cluster  -
  • Monyog  -
  • AWS  -
  • Scala  -
  • OpenStack  -
  • Zimbra  -
  • Elastix  -
  • Angular JS  -
  • PhoneGap  -
  • Cordova  

Future Made Different with Netaxis !

Being one step ahead of emerging technology is not so important to us. What Matters is always Forge ahead.


Dear candidate,

We look forward to hire 2017, 2018 Fresher….!

If you have completed your Redhat certification, you are the right person we are looking out for.

Applicant should be Fresher from Chennai, should not have experience in any domain.
Redhat Certification is mandatory.
Knowledge in RHEL Administration 
Job roll will be in to Research and Development, Docker, GitHub, Load balancing, MySQL Cluster, Nginx.

Basic Skills Required:

Apache,Samba,My SQL,File System Management,Linux Firewall, LVM, FTP
NFS,ISCSI,Basic Network Knowledge ,Basic Windows Knowledge, DOS Command.


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